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CapEos independent placement agent



Once we take on a fundraising mandate, we dedicate substantial time and effort to first understand clearly our clients' positioning, and help them devise a fundraising strategy that best fits their needs and long-term objectives whilst keeping in tune with their capital market environment. 


In order to create an effective placement process, we then follow a comprehensive approach, encompassing a fund’s current and past placement efforts. We understand the time constraints on fund managers, especially at "key persons" level, so we carefully target a highly-focused investor base and strive to make only relevant introductions to investors with aligned objectives. We also help managers best prepare for their prospective investors' due diligence processes.


Where need be, we also help assess funds' structure and terms, market positioning, competitive environment and marketing materials. 

Investor Relations

As an integral part of our mandates, once a fund is raised, we carry on maintaining a close contact with both GPs and LPs in order to help implement and maintain a sound dialogue between all the partners that we helped bring together. 


Our dedication to building long-term and trusted relationships with investors and managers alike is at the heart of what we do, and is a key component of successful fundraising campaigns for follow-on funds.


As they prepare for a fundraising campaign, managers may benefit from undertaking market research to best assess their competitive environment, incl. market mapping, standard fund terms, etc. Whenever required, we can undertake such research on an ad hoc basis in cooperation with leading academic professionals.

​CapEos Ltd is registered as a limited company in England and Wales No.8647005, and authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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